Katerina Gross

Fashion Stylist

“It has been truly inspirational working with Katerina. The photography experience with her is remarkable as she creates, styles, and provides fashion for our clients. Always fluttering about – Katerina has a gift of glamour so the clothing flatters and perfectly fits all of our models. She determines what style of hairdo, makeup, or accessories best highlight and compliment the clothing. Katerina has incredible fashion sense and is never satisfied until we are both enthralled about what is being captured on the camera. We never settle on anything until we love it,”

Katya Monroe, photographer.

We all know the stereotype that most little girls like to play with barbies. Admittedly Katerina was one of them – but with a twist. Even at a young age, she didn’t just dress them – she created and sewed her own Barbie clothes.  Then developed layouts of their apartments on her bedroom floor. Little did she know that her childhood games and strengths would guide her into both fashion and interior design careers!

From an early age, Katerina studied dance in her native Russia and then later in Paris, where she became the French national ballroom champion. However – she never left her sewing machine behind – developing her own line of flowing ballroom and evening gowns.  

 “Fashion and Interior design perfectly harmonize creativity and spatial concepts.”

Katerina Gross.

The motivation for all her creative careers and hobbies has always been the same – to help people improve their lives and feel the very best about themselves. Motivating others is what drives her, gives her joy, and provides power to others to follow their own dreams.  Katerina embraces working with Katya Horowitz to help improve people’s lives through the photographic lens, where they help every model feel beautiful, feminine, and confident in themselves.