Misty Wilson

Hair And Make-up Artist

Misty is an in-house hair and makeup artist at Katya Monroe Photography. Katya and Misty make a great team. With a solid understanding of how Katya shoots, Misty creates each look with her photographic style in mind. Misty: “I know the types of lighting Katya uses in the studio, which means your skin tones will be even and look radiant in your portraits. I collaborate with Katya to create the best boudoir experience for you. As a creative team, we work confidently side-by-side to develop styling concepts and wardrobe choices for you. We both have a good eye for fashion and know what looks best on camera. The styling of your shoot is as important as the shoot itself, so if you need creative inspiration, let us know.

“Misty’s services are an invaluable part of my creative process, and I’ve come to rely on her talents in making our clients look and feel fabulous. She identifies the structure of each client’s face and enhances their features with makeup applications specifically for the camera. She knows how light will affect makeup shades and how makeup colors impact photographs. Misty makes sure our client’s makeup complements their hairstyle and wardrobe, and her unique perspective is always helpful when conceptualizing themes and styling options for our clients.”

Katya Monroe, Photographer

When Misty was a young girl, she begged her dad to let her cut his hair. It started as a one-time thing and later became a regular occurrence. During high school, she was on the dance team and would do hair and makeup for her teammates before our performances. Naturally, all her girlfriends wanted Misty to do their hair and makeup before prom. Making my family and friends look and feel good about themselves made her happy, and it was a lot of fun. Cosmetology school was the next step.

Misty’s career began as a hair and makeup artist for weddings. She loved bringing bridal visions to life and enhancing the natural features of each bride and her bridesmaids. Creating a look to complement the formality of a gown and overall wedding aesthetic was a challenging and gratifying artistic endeavor. Twenty-two years later, the joy that comes from making people look and feel good about themselves lives on in her heart. Misty: “I love working with boudoir clients and being part of the Katya Monroe Photography team. Having an extensive background in hair and makeup for formal events, I can create any look you desire, whether natural, dramatic, or something in between. My customized hair and makeup services are a great way to relax and boost your self confidence before your shoot.”

Listening is one of the most important skills Misty can have. When you sit in her chair, she wants to hear about your personal style. She wants to know what you like and don’t like. If you’re not sure what type of look you want, don’t worry. In keeping up with the latest trends, she will suggest looks you may have never considered. Rest assured, your comfort and safety always come first.