What Is Boudoir Photography?

We all interpret things in different ways.

So, I suppose there are many ideas about what boudoir photography is. On a high-level, my boudoir photography is sensual and classy imagery that reflects a woman’s style and femininity.

For years, society has been morphing the definition of beauty into a superficial thing. We see images of what beauty is supposed to look like, and if we don’t fit the description, it leaves us feeling inadequate with ourselves. I want to see females overcome their personal biases about the way they look and reclaim their identity as strong, unique and beautiful beings who are comfortable and confident just as they are.

My boudoir sessions allow an opportunity for women to take ownership of their bodies and connect with their sexual power. By attending a boudoir shoot with me, you’ll get stunning images of yourself that allow you to appreciate how much beauty there is within you. Together, we can push through the barriers and bring radiant confidence to the surface.

What Boudoir Photography Is Not

  • Boudoir photography is not pornography. While it does entail exposing much of your bare body, it is not a nude photoshoot. My images are classy with a hint of mystery.
  • Boudoir photography is not just for a significant other. Your boudoir portraits can be just for you.
  • Boudoir photography is not just for people who know how to pose for a camera. I direct each photoshoot and show you how to pose. Rest assured, I am always happy to incorporate your creative input.
  • Boudoir photography is not just for confident people. All you need to do is show up and be open to the experience. I guarantee you’ll feel more confident afterward.

Why Treat Yourself to a Boudoir Shoot?

The possible reasons to treat yourself to a boudoir shoot are endless, but here are a few reasons to ponder. Perhaps you’re celebrating a weight gain or loss, and you want to document the achievement with a professional boudoir shoot. Channel your inner strength with boudoir photos if you’ve experienced something traumatic and use the images to heal and stay strong. Boudoir photography is a beautiful way to commemorate motherhood, either during or after your pregnancy. If you’re getting married, boudoir photos make a romantic wedding gift for your partner. For those already married, boudoir photos are a romantic anniversary present. Get a boudoir shoot because you want to celebrate who you are and treat yourself to the experience.