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Are you curious about boudoir photography? I’m sure you probably have a few questions in mind. Below, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions clients ask before booking a session. As a boudoir photographer, it’s my job to make my clients feel comfortable and confident before, during, and after their sessions. I hope the answers below will ease your mind. If you still have questions, let’s talk!

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As your boudoir photographer, I’ll incorporate my artistic education and training as a professional dancer into your boudoir shoot to reveal the unique nuances of your body. Using the latest cameras, lenses, and lighting, I’ll tell your story with my in-depth understanding of how to pose a body, a series of photographic angles, artistic composition, and a variety of captivating backdrops.
If you want your portraits by a specific date, I recommend booking one month in advance of that date. At a minimum, I recommend selecting a reservation date two weeks from the day you book, allowing time to prepare yourself, your wardrobe, and a vision board for your shoot.

A vision board is a collection of images displayed together to represent the aesthetic you want to achieve in your boudoir shoot and portraits. Creating a vision board and sharing it with me before your shoot helps you communicate the vibe you’re going for without many words, and it helps me understand your vibe through visual examples. Sharing your vision board with me ensures you get the type of portraits you desire. To create your vision board visit my Instagram page @katyahorowitzstudios and screenshot the poses and styles that appeal to you.

I offer 30-minute prep sessions with packages #1 and #2 (click her for PRICING). Prep sessions are beneficial because they allow one-on-one time with me before your shoot to discuss your mood board, determine your comfort level for skin exposure, talk about insecurities and other topics you want to mention. Those who purchase package #3 and la carte options won’t get a prep session, but they will have access to my prep guide that contains information and tips to help them get ready for their boudoir shoot.

Yes. My prep guide is available to everyone. You can download my prep guide now to find out how to best prepare for a boudoir shoot. I will also email it to you upon booking your shoot for easy reference.
No. As your boudoir photographer, I am responsible for directing you and your poses during your shoot. Being trained as a professional dancer, rest assured, I understand the unique nuances of the body and how to pose it appropriately for highly refined and sophisticated boudoir portraits. However, if it makes you feel more comfortable to practice a few poses from your vision board or another reference, please do!
No. Boudoir photography is for everybody and every body type, regardless of size, shape, age, sexuality, or race.
I accept Venmo, credit card and cash payments.
Yes. I kindly request my clients arrive 15-minutes before their scheduled appointment time. Take into consideration heavy traffic that may hinder your ability to arrive early and plan accordingly. It’s best to give yourself extra time, if possible, to avoid stress from unforeseen traffic situations and running late.
For both outdoor and in-studio boudoir shoots, I will send you an email to confirm the address of your shoot location one week before your scheduled appointment. If you have selected a specific site for an outdoor shoot, please remember to meet me there 15-minutes before the scheduled start time of your shoot.
I will allow one person to accompany you during your shoot. Please make sure to bring someone who will not make you feel nervous or is likely to distract you while your shoot is in progress. It’s best to choose someone you know is supportive and will offer positive encouragement. That said, once we begin shooting, I kindly ask that there is no interference regarding the poses and direction of your shoot. The person you choose to accompany you will strictly be there for moral support.

Yes. To protect both of our best interests, you need to sign a contract that includes the following information:

  • Katya Horowitz Photography and your name
  • The date, time, and address where the shoot will take place
  • The duration of your scheduled shoot
  • Fees due at the time of booking
  • Whether you’ve purchased hair and makeup services
  • My cancellation, rescheduling, refunds, and no-show policies
  • My code of conduct for you and your guest
  • Terms for editing
  • How and when images are viewed for final selection
  • How to order and receive delivery of images and image products
  • Privacy policy
  • Usage rights
  • My policy for selling images to a third party
  • Indemnification if I fail to live up to my part of the contract

Yes. To protect both of our best interests, you will need to sign a print release form and a customized model release form that pertains to the following:

  • The print release form specifies that images are for personal use only and that printing images for commercial purposes is not allowed.
  • The model release form lets you authorize which images I may use for marketing, with the option to forbid usage of all images.


Bring garments that make you feel confident and compliment your body. Should you choose to incorporate lingerie into your boudoir wardrobe, I recommend bringing both light-colored and dark-colored lingerie to add variety to your collection of portraits. Consider thigh-high stockings and high heels to top this look off. A delicate nightgown or kimono also works well in boudoir photography. When it comes to boudoir shoots, the sky’s the limit for wardrobe choices. From leather jackets to latex bodysuits, your boyfriend’s oversized shirt, it’s all about what makes you feel your best, and you can keep your wardrobe as modest as you like. Your vision board is a great way to get wardrobe inspiration. And you can always shoot me a message if you have a hard time deciding on the clothing. I am here to help.
Yes. Bring any props you want to incorporate into your shoot. There are many fun props you can bring that will add visual appeal to your collection of portraits. A few suggestions are flowers or flower petals, bubbles, a feather boa, or a string of pearls. You may also like to use a white bed sheet to imply total nudity while using it to conceal areas of your body.
Yes. I am happy to travel to various places throughout the Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego area and meet you on location. Let’s talk about it.
No. I do not offer completely nude shoots. However, you may use props to conceal certain parts of your body and imply total nudity.
Currently, I do not offer boudoir shoots for men. My services are open to those who identify as women regardless of their size, shape, age, sexuality, or race.
Yes. For an additional fee, I offer professional hair and makeup services. I work with many talented hair and makeup artists who know how to elevate your look. Treating yourself to professional hair styling and makeup will make you look dazzling, and it’s also a great way to help ease your nerves.
Yes. Your boudoir shoot is a celebration of you! For shoots that take place at your home, in a hotel room or in-studio, I will allow a maximum of one alcoholic drink per session. Please drink responsibly. I will not be accountable if your alcohol consumption negatively impacts your shoot and the quality of your portraits.
Many clients arrive feeling a bit awkward and tense. In the days leading up to your shoot, start thinking positively about yourself. Remove any negative thoughts from your mind and remember, you are beautiful. Prepare a playlist with your favorite songs, and we’ll play it during your shoot. If you’re still feeling nervous, let me know what your apprehensions are. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect. All you need to be is you. Trust the process, be open to the experience, and enjoy every moment. I guarantee you’ll leave your shoot feeling confident and will be impressed with your portraits.


Yes. I enhance all images with color correction and remove blemishes, under-eye circles, and markings on the skin caused by tight garments. I will smooth the skin and remove birthmarks, scars, and tattoos upon request. However, I will not edit the shape or size of your body.
Approximately two weeks after your boudoir shoot, I will notify you that it’s time to schedule a reveal session. At that time, we can determine a location to view your portraits.

Is there a question that I missed?

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