Lingerie That Compliments Different Body Types

“One body type is not better than another. We are all beautiful in our unique way.”

Though women’s bodies come in many shapes and sizes, there are five categories of female body types which outline the relative proportions of a woman’s shoulders, waist, and hips, regardless of her weight. Knowing these five categories makes it easy to identify which one most resembles your physique. Taking your body type into consideration when shopping for lingerie will help you find the best pieces to flatter your body and make you feel good about yourself. Below is a list of body type categories and lingerie recommendations that complement each category the best.

Rectangle Body Type

If there isn’t much variation between your shoulders, waist, and hips, and your body doesn’t have much curve, you most likely have a rectangular body shape. For those who are long and lean, accentuate your bust and make your waist more defined with the lingerie pieces listed below.

  • Lace Bralette with Scalloped Edges
  • Ruffled Bralette & Ruffled Boy Shorts
  • Push-up Bra & Ruffled Panty
  • Crop Top & Boy Shorts
  • Overbust Corset & Briefs
  • Garter Belt
  • Teddy

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Your body shape is a triangle flipped upside down if your shoulders and bust are broader than your waist and hips. When the upper build is larger than the bottom, wear lingerie that draws the eye down. Slim your shoulders and add volume to your hips with these lingerie styles.

  • Matching Silk Cami Set
  • Bralette & Lace Panty
  • Teddy with Deep Neckline & Lace Trim
  • Sleek Bra & and Ruffled Panty
  • Halter Bra & Boy Shorts
  • Chemise

Triangle Body Type

Your body resembles the characteristics of a triangle if your hips are wider than your shoulders. While wide hips are currently en vogue, the right lingerie will draw the eye upward and balance your proportions.

  • Negligee with Deep Neckline – Loose at the Bottom
  • Lace Babydoll with Underbust Band – Loose at the Bottom
  • Bustier with Matching High Cut Panty
  • Ruffled Bra with High Cut, Low Waist Panty
  • Padded Bra with High Cut, Low Waist Panty
  • Bandeau Bra with High Waist Briefs

Oval Body Type

If you are curvaceous with a large bust, wide hips, and a less defined waist, your body fits into the oval body type category. Lingerie styles that lengthen your torso and accentuate your cleavage will look great on your body type.

  • Teddy with Deep Neckline
  • Halter Bra with High Waist Panty
  • Plunge Bra with High Waist Panty
  • Satin Nightgown with Spaghetti Straps
  • Chemise

Hourglass Body Type

Bodies shaped like an hourglass have the same shoulder and hip widths with a narrow waistline. Pretty much any type of lingerie flatters an hourglass body type, but you can draw attention toward your waist and legs with specific lingerie that keeps the contours of your body in proportion.

  • Garter Belt with Matching Bra & Panty
  • Lace Bra & Matching Thong
  • Bustier Crop Top & Matching Panty
  • Lace-up Over Bust Corset with G-string
  • Matching Bra & High Leg Knicker Set
  • Bralette with High Cut Thong
  • Teddy

Now that you know the types of lingerie that look best on your body, you can express yourself in a fun, luxurious way and shop confidently with your preferences in mind. I recommend choosing items made with soft, breathable, high-quality fabrics because your comfort always comes first. If you’re interested in booking a boudoir shoot, contact me for a free 15-minute consultation call. You can also check out my FAQ page to learn more about my services.

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