Studio or Outdoor Boudoir Shoot | Things to Consider

At Katya Monroe Photography, my clients have the option of choosing between a studio boudoir shoot or one that takes place outdoors. I offer the freedom to choose between the two as an added advantage to selecting my photography services. My clients can determine which type of shoot will best serve their needs and be worthy of their investment because, at Katya Monroe Photography, my clients come first. Naturally, there are a few things to consider when deciding where you want your boudoir shoot to be. In the paragraphs below, I’ve notated a few factors to help you determine the boudoir shoot location that’s right for you.

Studio Boudoir Shoot 

During a boudoir shoot, your comfort is essential for great-looking portraits. That’s why, in my studio, I offer a clean, spacious, and private setting designed with your comfort in mind. The photography room is closed off from passers-by and free from distractions, so you can relax and feel safe during your shoot. I also offer a private dressing room for changing between shots.

In my climate-controlled space, the temperature is adjustable to suit your needs. Fans are available to help keep you cool and can also be used to create a dramatic effect on your hair and garments during your shoot. My studio has a green screen for backdrop options and props to integrate into your shoot for added visual appeal. A combination of overhead lighting and stand-alone lights ensures that vibrancy and luminosity are at their best during your shoot.

Choosing to do a boudoir shoot in my studio means you don’t have to worry about the weather, which is an asset to those who have meticulous hair and make-up. A studio shoot also provides more scheduling options since shooting during daylight hours is not a factor.

Outdoor Boudoir Shoot

Doing a boudoir shoot outdoors means there is the possibility of passers-by. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee privacy during an outdoor shoot. Knowing the bay area, I have a good idea of outdoor locations that offer scenic views and are off the beaten path.

Having your shoot outdoors means we will also be at the mercy of mother nature. The weather may be unpredictable and sometimes unfavorable. Being exposed to the elements means the times of year appropriate for an outdoor shoot are limited. Having your comfort and safety in mind, I will observe the weather forecast on the days leading up to your shoot and offer a rescheduling if persistent rain, lightning, or smokey conditions are in effect.

Shooting outdoors means public restrooms may not be available. Therefore, I cannot guarantee privacy when changing in between shots. Some walking may be necessary to find the most private and scenic locations around the bay area. Outdoor shoots typically take longer since walking is involved, and a little exploration is sometimes necessary to change the backdrop.

All that said, there are benefits to having an outdoor boudoir shoot that can’t compare to shooting in the studio. It’s the great outdoors, after all, which means a never-ending supply of awe-inspiring backdrops that change with each season. A brilliant sunrise, magnificent sunset, conspicuous clouds, and light rain can be magical elements in boudoir photography.

Capturing the human form submerged in nature creates extraordinary boudoir portraits that are hard to beat. The serenity of nature has a way of bringing out openness, creativity, and resilience in people, which are suitable traits to embody for boudoir photography.

Choose the Type of Boudoir Shoot that’s Right for You

When deciding whether to book a studio shoot or an outdoor shoot, first ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this your first boudoir shoot or professional photoshoot of any kind? If the answer is yes, perhaps you’d be more comfortable in a controlled indoor environment. Given the intimate nature of boudoir photography, relaxing can be a struggle for some, even indoors. However, studio shoots eliminate a few possible distractions that are likely to arise in an outdoor shoot, such as passers-by, unpredictable weather, bugs, and worrying about getting your wardrobe dirty or your hair getting messed up by the weather.
  1. What style of boudoir portraits do you want? If you’re all about glamor and want a high-fashion shoot with spiked heels, precise hair, and flawless make-up, a studio shoot may be more appropriate for you. Are you an earth worshiper who wants to connect with nature in almost all your glory and have a collection of stunning portraits to prove it? An outdoor boudoir shoot may be the perfect choice for you.
  1. Do you have a dream outdoor location in mind? The bay area has a never-ending supply of gorgeous outdoor photo shoot locations. Maybe there’s one that has special meaning to you. Let me know your location ideas. Together we can do some research to determine if your desired location is suitable for your outdoor boudoir shoot.
  1. Have you already experienced a boudoir shoot? If so, was it a studio shoot or outdoors? Depending on your answer, perhaps you want to try something different this time around.

If you’re still unsure which boudoir shoot is best for you, let’s talk! I would love to become acquainted with you and hear about your thoughts or apprehensions. As I’ve said before, boudoir photography is all about empowering the human spirit while creating stunning photographs that inspire strength and confidence. That’s my mission as your boudoir photographer. Keep in mind boudoir photography can be as sensual, romantic, or erotic as you want, depending on your comfort level, and modest skin exposure has a certain quality that is mysteriously attractive.

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